Song List/Teasers for Choreography Classes

2022 Term 4: 29 August - 23 October

Pole Choreography Playlist​​


Dance Choreography Playlist

Aerial Choreography Playlist

2022 Term 5: 31 October - 18 December

Pole Choreography Playlist​​​

  • Contemporary (4W): Waiting Game (Banks)

  • Pole Chair (4W): Me against the music (Britney Spears)


Dance Choreography Playlist

  • Floor Tease (2W): I See Red (Everybody Loves An Outlaw)

  • Fan Dance (2W): Sweet dreams (are made of this) by Winati

  • Lyrical #1: Dancing With A Stranger (Sam Smith cover)

  • Lyrical #2: Love In The Dark (Adele)

Aerial Choreography Playlist

  • Lyrical Hoop Flow & Shapes (4W): Angel by the wings (Sia)

  • Hammock Easy (4W): All is Found (Frozen 2) (Ashley Serena)