Serena is a preschool principal from London who has been in Singapore for 2 years. Serena has always found pole fascinating and after taking her first class in 2013 became absolutely addicted. Her favourite aspect of pole is the feeling of empowerment that comes with nailing gravity defying tricks and appreciating the body for all it can do rather than how it looks.


She has fallen in love with teaching and loves passing this message on to her students. She loves to convert people to the pole fitness world and likes to focus on developing students’ individual style as well as developing beastly pole strength!


  • 2015 - Amanda Rose Ivy Workshop, UK

  • 2015 - Yukari Workshop, UK

  • 2016 - Bendy Kate Workshop, UK

  • 2016 - Sarah Scott Workshop, UK

  • 2016 - Ecole de Pole Summer Camp, UK

  • 2016 - Spin City Training, UK


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