Passport T&Cs

By enrolling in MVMT PASSPORT, you are agreeing to the terms of this agreement. MVMT PASSPORT is non-refundable or cancellable till its expiration date, without any exceptions. Please ensure that you have made sufficient considerations to your travel and work commitments, including your state of health and family planning before you make your purchase. You must read our STUDIO POLICY before enrolling.


Monthly passports (recurring payment option) are paid in advance monthly, on the calendar date which the passport became activated, for the following month. For recurring monthly payments, payment is automatically debited (credit card/debit card) at a surcharge of 3.3%+30cents. This also applies to single lump sum payment via card.

In the event of a declined credit/debit card, your account will be immediately suspended. 

Passport packages are strictly non-refundable and non-transferrable. Lockers are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Locker T&Cs applicable.

PASSPORT FREEZE (Applicable to 4 months Passport only)

You may put your passport on hold for no more than 14 days. A fee of $10 (non-pro-ratable) will be charged per freeze request. This intent must be submitted via email 07 days prior to freeze date.


You are able to book into as many classes as you wish (suitable for your level) till your passport expires, subjected to availability and pre-requisites of the class.  If you are financing your passport on a monthly basis, you can only book the following month's classes upon successful deduction from your credit card. 

You may cancel your class bookings (non-commitment classes) without penalty up to 12-hours prior to the scheduled start time via the Mindbody app. No cancellation fee will be charged in this case. 

If you are on an auto monthly recurring payment, the penalty fee will be charged to your card, otherwise you would have to make payment via Cash/PayNow/Paylah. Failing which, your package will be deducted by a day.

In a nutshell, penalty for late cancellations/no shows are as follows:

1. Commitment-based classes: $5 for early cancellation / $15 for no-show/late cancellations

2. Regular classes: $15 for no-show/late cancellations


You are solely responsible to book and cancel your class(es) via the Mindbody app. 


Your booked class will be reserved for you 10 minutes into the class. If you do not turn up for class within the time frame, it is considered a no-show and the studio reserves the right to assign the spot to another person on the wait list, as well as charge a no-show fee of $15.


Once your passport term is about to expire, you or we may cancel your membership.  You may terminate your MVMT PASSPORT no less than 14 days notice prior to the renew date, unless you are cancelling for medical reasons (with supporting evidence). Failure to timely terminate your passport will result in a charge for the full amount of your next billing payment. If, at the time of cancellation you have outstanding payments, these payments must be made in full in order for the passport to be considered cancelled. The studio reserves the right to pursue additional avenues or means to receive monies owed.

You cannot freeze your membership payments during the notice period.


You can prematurely terminate your passport (if passport freeze is not suitable) without any penalty fee if:

  • you are sick or incapacitated (with supporting evidence from a qualified medical practitioner stating that you are unfit for exercise for the rest of your remaining term

  • you are bankrupt (with supporting documents)

  • you are relocating outside of Singapore (with supporting documents). An exit fee that is equal to 20% of the remaining contract value of your passport will be charged.

If you wish to prematurely terminate your passport for any other reason, and have more than 30 days left in your passport, you can pay out your agreement. We calculate this by:

  • multiplying your weekly fee by the number of weeks left in your agreed passport duration

  • deducting 10% from the total


You can transfer your passport to another person within the committed period so long the third party:

  • is not a current student

  • has not attend any class offered by the studio  for the past 4 months

  • registers for an account with the studio and pays a one-time transfer fee of $100

  • has not been banned by the studio

The transfer is successful only after the entire setup process is completed. ​​

Your responsibilities include the payment of your passport fees which is not dependant on how often you attend lessons/use the studio's facilities.

MVMT Studio reserves the right to introduce, withdraw, and vary categories of Membership without notice.