Purchase a pack of passes to use over our 8-week term. Mix and match classes according to your availability and ability via our app! 

If you have bought our beginner classes, you will be automatically booked into all 8 lessons for the selected class and 12h cancellation policy still applies.

All packages are non-transferrable and non-refundable. Have a look at our FAQ or Studio Policy for more information.

IN-STUDIO CLASS (8-weeks expiry, fixed term, 12h cancellation)

1 Pass: $40

8 Passes: $270 + 1 complimentary self practice

16 Passes: $504 + 2 complimentary self practice + 5% off merch

24 Passes: $720 + 3 complimentary self practice + 10% off merch + 1 locker

IN-STUDIO DANCE CLASS (excludes Chair Affair and Sultry Floor) (8-weeks expiry from time of purchase, 12h cancellation)

Purchase & book on the app directly

1 Pass: $18

4 Passes: $68

8 Passes: $128

IN-STUDIO SELF PRACTICE JAM (Non-cancellable. Pole is the default apparatus unless the studio is notified of your choice of apparatus 24h in advance)

Purchase & book on the app directly

1 Pass: $10

IN-STUDIO PRIVATE (1:1 /2:1)(1 month expiry, 24h cancellation)

1 session: $140

3 sessions: $400

4 sessions: $530

IN-STUDIO SEMI-PRIVATE (1:1)(JAM+) (1 month expiry, 24h cancellation. Takes place during Self practice jam slots)

Boost your self-practice jam value by adding $50 to your existing session. This session takes place during our self-practice jam slots. It is a more economical option for those who seek personal training in a casual studio environment. Not applicable to complimentary self practice jam credits.

IN-STUDIO GROUP CLASS (3-7 pax, 1 month expiry, 24h cancellation)

1 session: $200

IN-STUDIO GROUP CLASS (8-12 pax, 1 month expiry, 24h cancellation)

1 session: $280

VIRTUAL CLASS (2-weeks expiry, 12h cancellation)

Purchase & book on the app directly

$15 per class

VIRTUAL PRIVATE (1:1/1:2)(1 month expiry, 24h cancellation)

1 session: $90


The MVMT PASSPORT is perfect for you if you are attending more than 2 classes a week. You can opt for a one-time lump sum payment or a monthly recurring payment. Your passport commitment will auto renew unless you cancel your subscription 14 days before your passport expires.

2 months: $540/month + 2 self practice jams + 10% off merch + locker space

4 months (currently full): $500/month + 4 self practice jams + 10% off merch + locker space

Payment Options

  • One time lump sum payment via Cash/PayNow/Bank Transfer/Credit Card*

  • Monthly recurring payment via Credit Card*

Credit card payments are subjected to a 3.3%+30 cents bank surcharge.


- - - - - - - - -


All class purchases are non-refundable and non-transferrable as soon as your purchase is final, without any exceptions. Please ensure that you have made sufficient considerations to your travel and work commitments, including your state of health (pre-existing medical conditions) and family planning before you make your purchase. There will not be any refunds or extensions given.

We follow a 12h cancellation policy, easily done via the mindbody app. Late cancellations will result in your pass being forfeited. All class passes must be utilised within the term of 8 weeks for which they were purchased, and will not roll over to the subsequent term. You may make up for your missed class in another class that is not full, of the same or lower level and value. If the class does not meet the minimum class capacity, the make up class might not take place.

If you are new to the sport, we do not recommend you to arrange for make ups towards the end of the term. For example, you should not make up for a missed Pole Sport class with lesson 6 of Hoop, unless you already have hoop training background. Feel free to ask us for recommendations :)

There will not be any pass extensions due to vaccinations. Please arrange for your make up classes before, or 2 weeks after your jab within the same term.