Flexibility & Strength


This is a flexibility training class that helps you achieve your flexibility goals safely and efficiently. There is so much more than just stretching when it comes to flexibility, so our flexibility sessions combines stretch, strength, stability, mobility and active flexibility drills to allow the body to finally reach its current flexibility potential and beyond. 

4 key areas:

  • Front splits

  • Middle splits

  • Back & shoulders

  • Full body​


Open level: Suitable for all levels, even beginners

8 lessons/term

All genders


Explore inversions that are closer to the ground such as elbow/head stands, and crow poses, and create shapes with them! This class is also suitable for those who are still learning how to get inverted, and explore inverted poses and variations before working your way up to an actual handstand.

Open level: Suitable for all levels, even beginners

Once a week

All genders

Generally requires 2 yoga blocks


Want that handstand? 

This is a beginner-friendly, open level class. Learn fundamental core, shoulders, and wrist activation drills and techniques to achieve your handstands safely in this class. Some experience with inversions might be advantageous so students are encouraged to attend our virtual inversions & balance class concurrently.


Open level: Suitable for all levels, even beginners

4 lessons/term

All genders