Frequently asked questions

Are guys allowed to join?

​Of course! Everyone is welcome to be part of the MVMT family regardless of age, gender, physical ability, and fitness level. Be amazed at what you can achieve at the end of class!

Do I need to have Sports or Dance background?

Not at all although it would be advantageous to have either background. However, some of our classes do have pre-requisites which will be listed under the class description section. If unsure, drop us a text or email.

What if I am in-between levels, or have not worked out in awhile?

One of the best things about us is that our regular class packages are customisable. We encourage you to drop-level if you are in-between levels. *subjected to class availability and cancellation policy.

What must I wear for class?

Every class is different and we have guidelines for certain classes. As a general guideline: 1. Pole Sport/Pole'graphy: Sleevless workout gear, shorts, towel 2. Aerial Silks/Hoop/Hammock: Workout gear with sleeves/long sleeves, leggings, towel. No non-slip socks and gloves. 3. Dance: workout gear. Knee pads recommended for floor-intensive classes. 4. Flexibility: workout gear and a towel. You can bring your own yoga mat and stretch bands Accessories such as rings, bangles, anklets, dangling earrings and necklaces must be removed prior to 1 and 2 as they are safety hazards.

My friends and I want to take our first class together. Do we need to create our own accounts to sign up?

Yes, each new student must create an account and fill out a Waiver Formbefore their first class. Please note that classes are not transferable to other rider accounts. Those under the age of 18 must fill out a parent or guardian consent form.

What if there is a change of assigned instructor?

Another instructor will be assigned should the original instructor be absent due to illness, vacation, or resignation/termination of employment.

How does your pass package work?

Passes will be credited into your account for you to book your classes on your own (exclude promotional classes, choreographies etc where the entire programme must be booked). You can use these passes to book or waitlist for classes within the fixed term of 8 weeks. You are encouraged to attend levelled classes on a weekly basis as the class is progressive in nature. These passes have a 12-hr cancellation policy. Self-Practice jams can be paid and booked online. Once booked, jams cannot be cancelled but can be transferred to another member with a 12-h cancellation policy by writing in to Check out more information regarding our packages here. For more information regarding class cancellations, please have a look at our Studio Policy or cancellations below.

What if I'm waitlisted?

By placing yourself on waitlist, you are commiting to attend the class in the event a spot is available. Our booking system will automatically place you in class should a spot become available and you will be notified by email (please enable email notifications under settings). You will also see an update in your booking app. If you no longer wish to waitlist for the class, please remove yourself from the waitlist outside of the 12 hour cancellation window. Same cancellation policy applies once you are put into class from waitlist.

What if I'm late for class?

Due to health and safety reasons, latecomers will be unable to join a class 10 minutes after the class start time. This will count as a ‘No Show’ and class credit will be forfeited. MOVEMENT reserves the right to give your spot to another participant that is on standby, even if you have successfully preregistered online.

What is the cancellation policy?

We request that you honour your bookings so that everyone has a fair chance of attending the class as we keep our classes small. MOVEMENT has a 12-h cancellation policy for non-commitment based classes e.g. choreography. Cancellations outside the 12-h window/no show will result in a class credit deduction. PASSPORT penalty for late cancellations/no shows are as follows: 1. Commitment-based classes: $5 for early cancellation / $15 for no-show/late cancellations 2. Regular classes: $15 for no-show/late cancellations 1. Promotional Classes A 12-hour cancellation policy applies and you must inform the studio in advance so as to not forfeit the lesson and book for a make up. You will not be able to release your pass on your own. If there are 2 of the same class that week, you can only make-up/attend that same class as a make up, provided there is space. If there is only 1 class running each week, you can only use that pass to make up with a casual class such as Flexibility and Handstands, provided there is space. 2. Regular Classes (e.g. non-choreography) A 12-hour cancellation policy applies. The available pass cannot be rolled over to the subsequent term and you should only book into the class that you have the right pre-requisite for. You should not book yourself into a course that is of a higher level even if there is availability. There is no class pass refunds/extensions if you cannot attend class make up options. 3. Commitment-based Classes (e.g. 2-Week or 4-Week Choreography courses) .2-Week commitment-based class: No make up options available. No-show charge at $5/class for passport holders. .4-Week commitment-based class: A strict 12-hour cancellation policy applies. You can only make up for ONE missed class with the same class, or a casual class such as Dance, Flexibility, provided there is space. Make up classes must fall within the week of lesson missed. For late cancellations, a no-show penalty at $15/class for passport holders (early cancellation at $5/class). .8-Week commitment-based class: A strict 12-hour cancellation policy applies. You can only make up for TWO missed class with the same class, or a casual class such as Dance, Flexibility, provided there is space. Make up classes must fall within the week of lesson missed. For late cancellations, a no-show penalty at $15/class for passport holders (early cancellation at $5/class). 4. Self-Practice Jams are non-cancellable or refundable once booked. They can be transferred to another student who has a MVMT-registered account. Such transfers must be informed via email 24-hours in advance, or it will considered as a forfeited session. Complimentary jams are non-transferrable/refundable/extendable. Please book your jam dates carefully. 5. Special Classes (e.g, Masterclasses, workshops etc) are non-cancellable or refundable once booked. 6. Private Classes (1:1 / 2:1) A minimum of 24-hour notice is required to reschedule your private class, or it will be considered as a no-show. Once paid, private class packages are non-refundable. If you are sharing a package with your friend, your friend must be the same person attending the private classes booked, and must be of the same level. No extra time will be added if you are late. 7. Semi-Private Classes (JAM+) A minimum of 24-hour notice is required to reschedule your Semi-Private session, or it will be considered as a no-show. No extra time will be added if you are late. 8. Virtual Classes - 30 minutes cut-off time for virtual class bookings. - You may not be admitted to class if you are late. We recommend following your Zoom link and be ready for class at least 10 minutes beforehand. You will receive an email with your personal link to your Zoom scheduled class 15 minutes prior to the starting time. Please check your SPAM/JUNK folder for this email if you do not see it in your inbox, or drop us a message via Whatsapp at 88581781. - You will need a smart phone, tablet, or computer to participate in this class. Please ensure your device meets the Zoom system and bandwidth requirements. We will not be held responsible for personal streaming issues. All Students will be put on mute at the start of class. Please use Zoom's chat feature if necessary. - 2-weeks validity with 12h cancellation policy. No shows will result in your booking forfeited. We do not offer refunds or extensions. They are also non-transferrable. If you're late, you might be allowed to join the class during intermissions so as to not disturb the on-going class. However, there will be certain classes where you would not be allowed to attend if you're late, for your safety.

What if my class is cancelled?

MOVEMENT reserves the right to amend or cancel any of the classes/practice sessions listed in the schedule at any point in time. Passes will be credited back into your account to enrol in another class of interest within the current term, or book the SAME class by the following term. Please note that the schedule of the class might not be the same as the current class you have enrolled for. Strictly no cash refunds.

What is the refund policy?

All class purchases are non-refundable and non-transferrable as soon as your purchase is final, without any exceptions. Please ensure that you have made sufficient considerations to your travel and work commitments, including your state of health (pre-existing medical conditions) and family planning before you make your purchase. There will not be any refunds or extensions given. All class passes must be utilised within the term of 8 weeks for which they were purchased, and will not roll over to the subsequent term.

Can my package be extended?

If you were to develop a medical condition during the course of your package (e.g. a cold), please email us a valid doctor's letter (non-TCM). Considerations such as date of doctor's letter, number of weeks left to the end of the term, classes attended (committed classes are strictly non-extendable), and balance number of passes will be taken into account to grant any form of extensions, up to the discretion of the studio. All decisions are final. Passport Freeze: You may put your passport on hold for no more than 14 days. A fee of $10 will be charged per freeze request. This intent must be submitted via email 7 days prior to freeze date.

Can I take photos/videos during class?

We ask that you respect the privacy of your instructors and classmates. While you are allowed to take photos and videos of yourself in class, you are not allowed to take pictures/videos of your instructor or classmates during class without prior approval. Never share class videos of your instructor with others.

What apparatus is available for self-practice sessions?

You can book 1 apparatus of your choice (strictly no sharing): Pole, Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Hammock. The default apparatus is pole. Please check apparatus availability for aerials before booking.

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