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Our studio's cleanliness and the health and safety of our community has been our priority.
Let's take it further.


Top grade disinfectant & frequent cleaning

Hospital-grade, alcohol-based rapid disinfection wipes are used on high touch surfaces such as door knobs, switches and front desk.

70% Isopropyl alcohol-based disinfectant is used on equipments used during and after every class.


Optimised indoor air quality

Our indoor air is continuously purified from dust particles, mould, bacteria and harmful gases to give you peace of mind as your work out.


Shower Access

Studio shower access is closed till further notice.

Hospital-grade hand sanitiser

Hospital-grade hand sanitisers will be available at the studio entrance and within the studio.


Powerful disinfectant with Electrostatic Distribution

This specially formulated disinfectant allows us to spray more evenly, including hard-to-reach areas, and clings to every surface it coats. It is proven to destroy viruses such as COVID-19. Common areas with special attention to workout equipments will be disinfected with this disinfectant at the end of every day.


MVMT Retail

We won’t be allowing students to try on items before purchase. We also ask that you avoid touching items as much as possible.


Mask-up policy

For your safety, masks will be required for everyone in class and in all shared spaces. Our instructors and studio crew are required to wear face masks at all times in the studio.


Cashless Payments 

Cashless payments are encouraged to minimise Hand-to-hand contact. We accept PayNow and Bank transfers at our studio!

We pledge to continue to evolve and fine-tune our safety measures so that we become better prepared for the pandemic.

Should there be a reported case of COVID-19 at our studio, you will be notified immediately and proper safety precautions to disinfect the entire studio will be carried out.