Follow our instagram for latest class updates and masterclasses! Take advantage of our flexi-packages where you can book a variety of classes within the term, as long as the class suits your level. Decide on number of passes you'd like to purchase and drop us a message! Studio Policy applies.


All class purchases are non-refundable and non-transferrable as soon as your purchase is final, without any exceptions. Please ensure that you have made sufficient considerations to your travel and work commitments, including your state of health (pre-existing medical conditions) and family planning before you make your purchase. There will not be any refunds or extensions given.

We follow a 12h cancellation policy, easily done via the mindbody app. Late cancellations will result in your pass being forfeited. All class passes must be utilised within the term of 8 weeks for which they were purchased, and will not roll over to the subsequent term. You may make up for your missed class in another class that is not full, of the same or lower level and value. If the class does not meet the minimum class capacity, the make up class might not take place.

If you are new to the sport, we do not recommend you to arrange for make ups towards the end of the term. For example, you should not make up for a missed Pole Sport class with lesson 6 of Hoop, unless you already have hoop training background. Feel free to ask us for recommendations :)

There will not be any pass extensions due to vaccinations. Please arrange for your make up classes before, or 2 weeks after your jab within the same term.